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For these different techniques you can find different reference books. Here is a non-exhaustive list that you might complete. If you wish to complete this list please send the complete book references by email.

 Surface Analysis by Auger and X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
This book is the first comprehensive treatment of the subject for over 10 years, during which time there have been many advances in instrumentation and performance, understanding of electron spectroscopy fundamentals, experimental methodology and data interpretation, which have markedly enhanced the capabilities of AES and XPS. All this new information is now integrated into a thoroughly up-to-date reference volume for the benefit of researcher and practical analyst alike.
Edited by David Briggs and John T. Grant

 An Introduction to Surface Analysis by XPS and AES
Edited by John F. Watts, John Wolstenholme
Published by : WILEY

 Practical Surface analysis (2nd edition) volume 1
Auger and X-ray photoelectron Spectroscopy.
Edit by : D.Briggs and M.P.Seah.
Published by : WILEY

 Practical Surface analysis (2nd edition) volume 2
Ion and neutral Spectroscopy.
Edit by : D.Briggs and M.P.Seah.
Published by : WILEY.

 Handbook of Auger Electron Spectroscopy (2nd edition)
Edit by : Laurence E. Davis, Noel C. MacDonald, Paul W. Palmberg, Gerald E. Riach, Roland E. Weber.
Published by: Physical Electronics Division, Perkin-Elmer Corporation, 6509 Flying Could Drive
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55343.

 High Resolution XPS of Organic Polymers, The Scienta ESCA300 Database.
Edit by : G.Beamson and D. Briggs.
Published by : WILEY.

 Photoemission in Solids 1, general principles.
Edit by : M.Cardona and L.Ley.
Published by : Springer-Verlag.

 Handbook of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (1992-1995).
Edit by : J.F. Moulder, W.F. Stickle, P.E. Sobol, K.D. Bomben.
Published by : Physical Electronics Division.

 L'analyse de surface des solides par spectroscopies électroniques et ioniques (1995).
Edit by : Jean Grimblot (Peut être consulté dans certaines bibliothèques).
Published by : Masson ; publication épuisée.