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This page allows you to access to the database XPBASE. You may consult it and add to it your results yet published.

 How to search in the database?

This database is concerned by X Ray photoemission and auger spectrometries. Scientific results are usually brought to the community through publications which often contain many results not relative to this specific technique.

The aim of this database is to quickly find publication references relative to XPS, AES and to be able to extract the only part of the publication connected to it. Keywords used for bibliography are often not enough precise to quickly obtain specific results. This database has to be considered as a new tool, complementary to the ones yet existing.

It allows research by:

  • Display all the chemical bond for the select element
  • Display all the chemical bonds in a gap of energies ex: 300 +/- 2 eV
  • Look for an author referred in the data base (text cut down possible).
  • Look for a chemical bond ex: carbon link to oxygen.

  • At any result correspond a bibliography reference.

     Add yours published results in the data base. yours published results in the data base.

    If your own results are new ones or even if they only confirm yet known ones, they are all interesting. Let them be known through this new tool, quick, free and available to each one. Add your own results to this database. For that, send us your publications as attached files in a simple email. They just need to be in Word .doc format.